Sunday, May 8, 2011

The View

The view out of my car window, in my mailbox, on my computer, in brochure racks and even in some of my favorite publications is not great. More often than not, it stinks. It's what we see all day everyday. From the moment we arise to the moment our heads hit the pillow. This multi-colored, mix-messaged, million-words-per-inch vista that we call advertising is everywhere.

It's like we have lifetime front row seats to a show that makes no sense. To a game that has no rules. To a concert performed ad lib. It's advertising. More specifically, it's advertising with bad design. You see, advertising accompanied by solid design makes sense. We understand it. It speaks to us in ways that we want to be spoken to. It's attractive. Possibly even improves the scenery around us.

The vast advertising landscape is here to stay. I, for one, want a better view.

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