Sunday, July 18, 2010

Social Media convert

O.K. I admit it. I was skeptical at first. Maybe even reluctant. I was skeptical that this social media thing was worth my time and reluctant to follow the crowd. I heard people speak of how crazy it was. How awesome it was. Weird. Scary. Cool. Etc. So I tested the waters.

First Facebook. It was everything I had heard. Then LinkedIn. Then Twitter. As with everyone else, I immediately found old friends from high school and college. Colleagues from old jobs. People I had only known for a few months and even people who I did not know I knew. I have been on FB for almost 2 years now and old acquaintances are still finding me and me them.

But after most of my known friends and I found each other something else began to happen. I began to make connections with people within my industry whom I had never met, and would have never met otherwise. Wow. What power. From a business perspective, my eyes were opened. I can find anyone I want and connect with them in a way they like to be connected with. Then move forward from there and see what happens.

I've met some great people and am working with some right now via social media. So you follow me and I'll follow you. You be my friend and I'll be yours. You connect with me and I'll connect with you.

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