Friday, September 17, 2010

The RAD List

In the past, I would peruse my client list on a regular basis. I had no purpose in mind, no strategy or real reason for doing so. If I were to be painfully honest with myself, it may have been just to pat myself on the back. A few weeks ago, I was again participating in a self gratifying list inspection when it happened. I had a revelation. An epiphany. A sudden insight about the RAD client list that was unseen before this moment.

The people and businesses on the RAD list have something in common that I never noticed before. They are all proactive. They are go-getters. They don't wait around and hope for the best. RAD clients plan their work and work their plan. Always thinking. Adjusting. Innovating. Failure, even mediocracy is not an option. For the people and businesses on the RAD list there seems to be but one option...success.

Right now you may be wondering why this insight is so important to RAD. Well, it tells me who RAD seems to click with. More importantly, it narrows down the list of future clients and as a result, provides RAD with a focus for future growth. That excites me.

BTW...I gave myself a pat on the back for this.

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